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About Us

K9 Tooth Solutions is founded and owned by Rachel Mercieca. We are one of the first to offer Anesthesia free teeth cleaning in Melbourne and Geelong. Rachel is very passionate about what she does, delivering first-class customer service, and exceeds expectations in Anesthesia free dog teeth cleaning.

She has been an animal lover all her life and has 6 dogs of her own. K9 Tooth Solutions is dedicated to delivering only the best possible love and care for your pets. We treat your fur babies as our own. We only use positive reinforcement techniques so you can be confident your fur baby will be feeling fabulous.

Anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs across Melbourne and Geelong

K9 Tooth Solutions are one of Australia’s first anesthesia free teeth cleaning services for dogs across Melbourne and Geelong. The best part about us is we don’t use anesthesia it’s all natural! Your dog will be up and about straight away there is no recovery. Firstly, we meet and greet your dog, so your dog can feel comfortable, we connect with them by giving them lots of love and affection which keeps your dog calm and connected with us, then carefully swaddle them in a towel to make them feel safe and secure.

We use a human dental scaling tool to clean every inch of the tooth surface inside and out including under the gumline followed by a polish. Everything we do is done by hand we don’t use any electronics. This means there is no noise, which keeps your dog calm and relaxed.

K9 Tooth Solutions

Did you know that 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the time they are 3? Looking after your dogs oral hygene can add 3 – 5 years to their life. Studies show that dental disease can result in bad breath, painful chewing and tooth loss. Bacteria under the gum can travel to the herart, kidneys and liver.

Does your dog have bad breath?

Does your dog have tartar buildup? Give your furbaby a fresh dental clean! At K9 Tooth Solutions, we offer a safe, pain-free, no nasty side effects, a relaxed and holistic approach to your pooches dental health all with no anesthetic.

How do you clean your dog’s teeth without anesthetic?

At K9 Tooth Solutions, we use a swaddling technique where we wrap your dog up like a baby even the big dogs! so that they feel safe and secure. We lay them in our lap on a big comfy mattress on the floor and gently, work in their mouth.

Affordable Rates

K9 Tooth Solutions offers a convenient and affordable service for dog lovers who want the best for their pets. Our services are fantastic value for money. K9 Tooth Solutions will take “before and after” photos for you. Our professional hygienist is able to give advice on maintenance and keeping your dog’s teeth clean in between their yearly cleans.

Our Testimonials

Amazing service! This is the first time I booked K9 Tooth Solutions for my 9yo toy poodle! He had other anaesthesia-free services in the past plus vet with anaesthetic teeth clean a few times but K9 Tooth Solutions delivered so well! They’ve assessed his teeth before booking a clean with no extra charge! The following day they came to my salon and cleaned my pup’s teeth and he was happy and relaxed all along! Highly recommended service! And super affordable in comparison to other similar services. I’ll be booking again and again! 🙏

Antonios Maglis

Rachel did a great job with my Cavoodle. His teeth looked amazingly better after Rachel cleaned them. Rachel also did an incredible job in keeping my dog calm throughout the teeth cleaning experience. I highly recommend Rachel's teeth cleaning for dogs.

Michael Fuller

Rachel has just cleaned the teeth of our beloved 17 year old toy poodle, and it’s an enormous relief to have her teeth and dental hygiene in such great shape again. Rachel is so sweet and caring. Our poodle gets anxious and she took great care. The results are impressive and so wonderful to have this done without a general anaesthetic - being so old it’s risky to put them under but she really needed it done. Thank you so much Rachel. I wish we had found this service many years ago.


WOW!! Rachel did an incredible job on Jet’s teeth. I’ve been telling EVERYONE because I still can’t believe his pearly whites are in fact so pearly white. Rachel is brilliant with the way she handles her “patients” and the result is amazing. Thank you!!

Katrina Jordan

Wow, highly recommend this service!! My 2 little dogs loved Rachel and they were so relaxed. No poor bad breath and they have pearly white teeth. Our vet was astonished and very impressed

Melissa Charles

Rachel was amazing- cleaned my 11 year old French bulldog and 7 year old Pugs teeth.
Was super accommodating and kind.
Highly recommend her service.

Laura Ruawai-Hamilton

Thank you K9 Solutions!
My Hunter’s teeth have never looked so good and clean!
My cavalier doesn’t respond well to anaesthetic so I try to avoid if I can. I highly recommend to have this safer option for your dog, it’s also less stressful for them!
We will see you for the next teeth cleaning
10/10 customer service and Hunter was very happy and relaxed too he rated 10/10 woofs!

Natalia Strzelczyk

Rachel from K9 Tooth Solutions had a wonderful rapport with our dogs on their first meeting.I am so happy with the results. Their teeth and gums are clean and healthy, they were not anxious and I am glad she came to our place where they feel are comfortable.

Esta Konti

Rachel was very kind to our old dog. Terrific to have her service and avoid a dental anaesthetic. Thanks Rachel!
Annie and Richard

Richard Moore

Rachel of K9 Tooth Solutions was such a pleasure to have in our home. Not only did she do a truly wonderful job on my dog’s teeth with great results and advice, but her presence was also very calming and discreet in a home environment. Both we and our dog loved Rachel. Can very highly recommend her work.

Lucy Rash

Rachel is amazing. She is very caring and both my boston terriers love seeing her for their teeth cleaning

Mi S

Rachel's teeth cleaning service is absolutely amazing. She came right on time and my dogs teeth have never been cleaner. Highly recommend.


My little 12 year old cavoodle Lela has a heart murmur so I am reluctant to have her teeth cleaned under anaesthetic Rachel was so good with her and has helped her so much. I could not recommend Rachel highly enough!

Amanda pegoli

Rachel was fantastic with Poppy our old girl she cleaned her teeth so they were like new! I highly recommend you call Rachel to clean your fur babies teeth she was amazing.

Linda Angelone

Rachel, great job with scarlet's teeth.
They were that bad that not only was her breath putrid, but she was embarrassed to smile!
That's a "before" photo down below. I would have taken an "after" photo, but she's having breakfast now 🙂

Chris Job

I highly recommend Rachel and K9 Tooth Solutions. I was concerned my anxious pup wouldn't be able to handle having her teeth cleaned but Rachel managed to keep her calm the whole way through. Thanks again.

Tanya Williams

just save a couple of grand pianos all thanks to Rachel, K9 Solutions. And my hound didn't have to go through hell and back for a simple teeth clean. I was super worried that my gorgeous girl would bite Rachel and she wouldn't be a willing participant but to my shock my bity Pomeranian absolutely loved the format Rachel uses to clean k9 teeth. Apparently my dog who bites my hand off when i go near her teeth didn't want Rachel to stop. she lay there loving every minute of her experience. I saved up for my hounds treatment and it was worth going without so she can now flash her new pearly whites. also stick it to the vet who said she needs a serious procedure to clean her teeth. Big shout out to Pin Up Pooch for organising this with K9 Tooth Solutions 🐕

Tiffany Palermo

Sedation Free Dental

You no longer need to put your Pets to sleep just for Dental Cleaning. We offer a sedation-free alternative for keeping your pet happy and healthy with a Dental Clean with Rachel. No need to leave home we come to you!